About Us

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Our Company

Ceylon Beach Travels is an approved travel agency under the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. Asok Kumar being the Proprietor of the company and has wide experience in the hospitality trade and very soon adopted it as his professional career. Before floating his own travel company, he worked very actively for the pioneer travel organizations in the country and grasped the know-how of all the aspects of the hospitality and the travel trade within a very short period. The dedication for his ideal and hard work enabled him to acquire a wealth of knowledge on global tourism.

As a tour operator this reputed establishment has moved with thousands of ordinary and professional tourists during last three decades and has thus built up very valuable connections with overseas professionals.

Why Choose Us?

During the past years, this organization spearheaded in bringing tourists to Sri Lanka from Germany, Russia, Italy, France, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic etc. He has traveled to participate at trade fairs held in Germany, Austria, UK, USA, Switzerland, Russia and Czech Republic.

Ceylon Beach Travels has a vision plus a mission - to make Sri Lanka, a leading destination for tourists from all over the world.