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Ayurvedic Treatments

AYURVEDA – A remedy for rejuvenated
The word “Ayurveda” originate from one of the pristine language named “Sanskrit.  We can divide the word “Ayurveda” in to two segments as “Ayur” and “Veda”. These two words stand for “life” and “science”. There for it clarify as “science of life” a large meaning belonging word for every human being.

A Hindu god called “Mahabrahma” introduced this healing system for both achievements of “enlightenment” and also to prevent from disorders. “Ayurveda” published two “Ayurvedic” sub categories such as “three dosha” and “panchakarmaya”.


Three dosh means, it controls the human body completely. They are “vatha” (air), “pitha” (Bile), and “kapha” (phlegm). If it losses according to “Ayurveda” must be treat with a “swasthaya”. Panchakarmaya means, the five panchakarmaya are vomiting running nose, blood diseases, loose motion and rheumatic pains. This does maintain several activities. Mainly it prevents and controls disorders. For instance:
  • Bastis                          : Therapies Virechana                    : Therapies Herbal decoction         : Oil decoction
  • Vmana                         : Therapies Nasya                          : Inhalation Rakta moksha             : Therapies

There two achievements of Ayurveda:

  • To prevent from diseases.
  • To treat and heal diseases.

Your health must remote via three denominations.

  • Mentally.
  • Spiritually.
  • Physically.

“Ayurveda” is always aiming to prevent ailments regarding any diseases. All these remedies are basically done for the human body. There for, there are special eight roots can be categorized such as:

  • Bala chikitsa                : Pediatrics
  • Kaya chikitsa              : Internal Treatments                                
  • Graha chikitsa             : Physical Treatments
  • Shalakya chikitsa         : Ophthalmology
  • Rasayana                     : Rejuvenation
  • Vajikarana                   : Sexology
  • Agada tantra               : Toxicology
  • Shalya Tatra                : Surgery
As far as ancient scientific thinking concerned, all the things are happened to human beings according to universal effects. These are change one by one through consistently. So, there will be five different elements what change this above mentioned consultants. It is called as “panchamahabhuta” since past centauries.

They are shown below as;

  • Apo
  • Thejo
  • Vayu
  • Akasha
  • Pruthuvi

“Ayurveda” remedies are mainly prepared by natural herbals. Those natural ingredients are full of minerals and natural herbals. Every prescription is display according to below “Ayurveda” doses;

  • Rasa                            : interest
  • Guna                           : purity
  • Virya                           : heating and cooling conditions
  • Vipaka                         : digestion events after effects
  • Prabhava                     : substance power
“Ayurveda” treatments can be recommended as non toxic medicines apply for the body by internal applications or even as infuses. Hence, “Ayurveda” has been proven their effectiveness from a long ago. Now, “Ayurveda” can competitive with western medicines for any kind of disorders. Feel the different off common medicines to be rejuvenated as an exquisite ancient glory.


Ayurvedic treatments give you a long healthy life style
Through “Ayurvedic” treatments, deeper connection exactly creating in between body and the mind. It is just a natural ailment preventing system focusing a holistic system. Your may feel the pure concentration of energy and balance. Actually, it is very important at “Ayurveda”. In fact, the Balance of body and mind based on each person’s individual consultants. “Ayurveda” is a unique components speaking treatment that gives you a holistically refreshment.

“Ayruveda” treatments are divided in to two parts.

  1. Oil treatments.
  2. Herbal treatments.
Head massages.
Facial massages.
This special treatment for the face helps remove pimples and give a smooth complexion. For every dry skin and very oily skin it helps to balance and makes the complexion clear. It is good for facial nerves and keeps you looking young.
Body massages.
The nerves and all parts of the body can be cured of its skin problems after this oil massage. It is specially good for dry skin and also good for the skin complexion. This body massages with oil also helps to reduce fatness quickly.
Foot massages.
This is a special method for cure kidney problems. Foot massage also helps the body to relax. “Shirodara” is a very useful for ailments such as headache, migrants, eyes and any mouth problems.

Herbal bath.
Herbs are boiled and the water is used to fill the bath tub and the patient lay down. It helps to remove diseases in the body. It also invigorates the skin and helps to reduce weight.
Herbal water treatments.
This is a special treatment for the adults. Herbal water is used for a bath.
Herbal steam bath.
Herbal steam is inhaled and the sweating helps to relax the body. It is specially useful for reducing fatness.
Milk rice fermentation.
The body is fermented with milk rice. This helps to get rid of body weakness and also helps to the buildup of body muscles. It also helps for dry skin.
Herbal Sauna.
This is a circled room. But, it is very special in the process of making. Its wall is not more than wide, and not more than high, and should be with out of windows. Its walls should be painted by herbals, and it’s necessary to protect the worm. The patient who had applied the oil should to be sleep here. (In sauna) it is protecting your “swasthiya” by curing fatness and skin ailments.

Srilankas ancient inscription sheets and ancient palm literal working books indicates many methods of “Ayurveda” in Sanskrit language. It was many live centuries ago. Now thousands of people attract these ancient inscriptions and they get the positive advantage from these old recepies of “Ayurveda” for their rejuvenations. Ancient royal people had done the correct think that carved and protected these ancient essential things for modern culture. Since Buddha era, they speak about high value of “Ayurveda” treatments to be a healthy nation with natural herbs.

Ayurvedic Spa Treatments
We operates a special program depends on guest desire. You can get the real advantage of that special treatment package with reasonable prices with the accommodation.

“Ayurveda” package – 01.
Services attach with package 01.

  1. Head massage.
  2. Full Body massage.
  3. Foot massage.
  4. Head, Neck and Shoulder massage.
  5. Back and Spine massage.
  6. Neck and Shoulder massage.
  7. Herbal bath or Herbal steam bath.

This above mentioned is a one day treatment plan. It normally focused for wellness and relaxation. It will provide 2 advance and 2 basic treatment methods. Herbal steam bath and flower bath is the basic treat and body massage and facial treatment is the advance treat.
“Ayurveda” package – 02. 
(Via this package one of the following options).

    • Introduction to Ayurveda.
    • Spa delight.
    • The combined Ayurveda spa.
    • Ayurveda wellness and rejuvenation.
    • Intensive Ayurveda.
    • Advance Ayurveda.

03 days course.
This helps to reduce muscle pains, increase blood circulation and keep up your physical conditions. Normally it includes 05 Ayurveda massages, 03 body treats and 02 spa massages.

05 days course.
This course operates with many natural herbs to refresh your skin nourishments. It consists 08 Ayurveda massages, 06 body & facial treats, 04 spa massages, 01 spa & facial treats and 03 spa & body treatments.

07 days course.
Energy level of the body would be increased through this course to be rejuvenated. It attaches with 09 Ayurveda massages, 12 Ayurveda body and facial treats, o4 spa treats, 02 spa and body massages, and 01 beauty care facial treat.

10 days course.
Traditional and natural paths are using here for lift up longevity. 16 Ayurveda treats, 14 Ayurveda body and facial massages, 04 spa massages, 02 body & spa treats, 02 beauty therapies are available across this steam.

12 days course.
It covers 47 therapies. You could increase the life style, age and the level of stress according to this traditional long treatment style. It is possible to feel the recommended Ayurveda Panchakarmaya disciplines.

14 days course.
A mixture of Panchakarmaya and Ayurveda gives heal for your any type of pains, aches, and will increase the body energy and may boost your body in active conditions. This long time treatments exists 22 Ayurveda massages, 17 Ayurveda and body treats, 05 spa(s),  03 spa and body therapies, and 03 fresh complexion massages.

21 days course.
You can get the full benefits and privileges through this longest medication system. More than 72 respective treatments are available there for reduce stresses and pains and keep up your attitudes and body energy under the consultations of doctor. Rejuvenation and beauty could be achieved due to the special treats of long period spending. Consultations are given by our not only doctors and physicians. Special doctor consultations are available for above all treatments styles. Mean while you have to submit to the special meal plan that estimate by physicians due to the natural herbal medicines.


Ayurvedic Spa Treatments
“Spa” is commonly described as a mixture of metals and herbal oils. Many guests find “spa” treatments as it is so holistic medical technique. “Spa” is the World’s most extraordinary mild well recognized treatment system that gives spiritual scientific healing to patients with natural feelings. Through this marvelous system one can feel the benefits and privileges of noble physiology for longevity. Those external scrum oily treatments translate your body and mind in to pure refreshment. In Srilanka luxury “spa” boutiques are available here and there for welcome herbal worshipers. Well qualified therapists will be offered you the most famous traditional remedies for wellbeing to the rest of your life.
Spa massages can be classified as follows.

  • Foot spa.
  • Shiatsu Massages.
  • Neck & Shoulder Massages.
  • Aromatherapy Massages.
  • Reflexology Foot Massages.

Specific ancient forebear’s treatments are mentioning above with experienced doctors consultants. Those all are exclusively magical methods to cure kidney, headache, migrant, and mouth ailments.
Catch up our Body scrub and “spa” treatments shown below as:

  • Natural body scrub.
  • Stress relieving salt scrub.
  • Sauna & spa pool attachment.
  • Full body scrub.
  • Enzymatic Sea mud wrap.
  • Hydrotherapy treatments.

Entire massages and “spa”(s) are a combination of science and philosophy. It details the many physical and mental and emotional spirituals. All the components are necessary for holistic health. These rejuvenated methods, treatments and facilities could be fulfilled with natural and herbal medicines.

Regarding “spa” facial and beauty care we are specialist for:

  • Deep cleansing.
  • Deluxe and pedicure facial treats.
  • Lymph drainage facial.
  • Pedicure and foot massage treatments.

Ones fresh complexion would be the main necessity for cool healthy life. Via above treatments can credit a maximally effective mild and pure therapy to protect your both external and internal skin. So many program types are depending to pan your individual treatment scheme. Feel the sauna, herbal feelings on your next arrival.
We operate a special program depends on guest desire. You can get the real advantage of that special treatment package with reasonable prices.

How to follow correct Yoga meditation
All types of meditations occur when anybody packed his or her ideas, hopes and domains to the releasing of every other domains and ideas. Meditation must be rather comfortable and it mould be much more regular area to keep concentration. Your mind will be exactly natural as much as you suppose for any domain or subject. You must continue your concentration for a better interesting meditation. In fact, meditation is a pure learning stream that maintains your entire body via meditations. For every disorder, meditation would be the actual healer. Through meditation you could develop your mental facilities and awareness for any type of essential topics. The very first thing you must do is, to focus your mind to increase your physical fitness through your meditations. “YOGA” is a real topic with thesaurus in side for anybody’s ailments. When somebody gradually progress meditations, her or he can automatically feel the peace and harmony because it provides rest and intermittent period of silence. To have prosperous relaxation skills you should use proper meditation rules and methods and then it will use you to bring joy, happiness and love to your lives.

First of all to get correct meditation you must develop your skills to keep silence environment whilst you are meditating. The place must be quiet calm like by a river or even in woods without others disturb. Try to avoid whole concepts while you start meditation. Release your thoughts to flow in the air in order to prevent disturb. Then, try to find a comfortable podium and make sure now you are in comfortable style for this task. Actually, for better effects, try to be seated in “lotus pose’ or “half lotus” position. Your seated position would be the main event as far as the meditation concerned. If you can find an outdoor calm place you could breathe well than indoor chamber. If so, make sure to dim the light in side that compartment. Wear a blanket or any comfortable costume to keep warm by yourself. If you would not follow the correct steps, it will be cause you to have some side effects indeed.
It is just a practical occasion that commands by right yourself. If you get the real, meditations notably, you can feel the different of the energy that comes through an astonishment meditation. You can have enough time which you want to practice every step slowly, slowly. Do not be rush to invent all the things at once. Perhaps, you may feel the discomfortable, then, just get a high breath for forget about hearts. To say the least, you can’t neglect from this meditations when you get the actual experience to enjoy this marvelous body exercises. The other main topic is, you must always keep clean your meditation area and you should love to your location. Surrounding atmosphere give you a real refreshment if only when you treat to it, resembling as your meditations. As a beginner, you ought to get half an hour session in each day to practice. You could increase your time according to our preferences. Please always do honor to all your meditation actions.
To spend a happy family life you can introduce the importance of “YOGA” to your family members. For best results follow the advice of experienced “yoga” trainers. Your body size is not necessary for “yoga” exercises. But, never force your body in to posture that may be harmful for your body. Decently clad when you start meditations remove your shoes and your head uncovered. As far as postures concerned, for instance, the “full lotus” on the floor your foot placed on the opposite thigh and the “half lotus” on foot on the opposite thigh and other foot touches the ground. Do not use anything to lean when you are doing meditations. Keep your body still from begin to end. Let alms and shoulders be released, the only important fact is, try to be comfortable while you bent and either stretching. Magical results will be obtained through a comfortable position. Easily you can body and mind stress without any doubt. Do not hear the surrounding sounds though it was disturb. Just focus your mind and body for an effective meditation. 
Pristine brief story of “yoga”
Ancient magnificent history belongs to “YOGA” up to now. “Hinduism” and “Brahmanism” of great India did approach this phenomenon style of “yoga” Since over 6000 years ago or so. Anyway, western people got to know about that very recently. “Yoga” is a vital headline must learn deep in to get the truth. There are several tributes of “yoga” meditations. The most familiar branch of “yoga” for western people is “Hatha yoga”. It is basically speaks of to get rid of physical ailments. Indians had developed it maximally and transferred to the globe. Ascetics of India followed this “hatha yoga” at the very beginning. They look like vegetarian hermits. As the best results of better prosper of “yoga” these ascetics got enlightenment.
They found a marvelous wisdom via meditation. They explored the nature. Age by age ascetics got extraordinary effectives as they admire the “yoga” a lot. They realized that make positive energy from “yoga”.
The word “yoga” connotes “to bind together” comes from Sanskrit. Most Indians got universal wisdom after their deep venture. Other people appreciated a lot for Indians because of their great present for overseas people. Philosophically, Indians had a great improvement of their physical fitness.
Hindu “yoga” masters also known as “swamis”. They did spread their religious benefits and habitats all over the world. Scientifically, it has proven the purity of
”yoga” for better health.  By this time swamis disembarked to western countries to teach their knowledge to western people. They had a purpose to prevent disorders according to meditations. And make a better life without hesitations.
Up to now, there are more than 10 styles of “yoga” methods. So many different and difficult stretches are there to practice very slowly. Finally, “yoga” did a major chance for western culture. At pristine there were three books regarding “yoga” such as “rig Veda, “Sama Veda,” and “vajur Veda” that written in simply by both poets and sentences. In “rig Veda” the word “yoga” inquires significationly. And there are major paths like “Breath control” (pranayama), “Withdrawal of sense” (pratyahara), “meditation (dhyana)” “Concentration” (dharana), “contemplation” (tarka), and “absorption (Samadhi)”. Those above elements are special privileges to make a concentrate sense of meditation.
Practices and beliefs are the main domain about “yoga”. These two accompanying you in to a golden heaven of the world called the optimum enlightenment.            
Important “YOGA” styles
“Hatha yoga” is the very important “yoga” style that relative to other branches of “yoga”. Among many types of “yoga” one must choose what are the important for her or himself personally. Certainly, you should choose under availabilities of “yoga” styles. Through those styles, there are major categories of “yoga” such as “Lyengar, “Astanga” and “viniyoga” were all of great master tree namedKrishnamacharya. Sivananda is another popular “yoga” master teaches “Integral yoga” and “Sivananda yoga”. Breathing rituals, body language, and posture are the essential spiritual inquiries in “yoga”. Aware of fundamentals of each “yoga” style would be better before you submit to follow “yoga” under any master. Determination is the other important requirements on each students mind to keep continue their meditation exercises. Meditations help to maintain stout mussels of your body as well. If any “yoga” style effective for you a lot for your success make sure to practice according to that very style as much as possible.

Essential “yoga” styles are shown below:

  • Ananda yoga.
  • Bikrams yoga.
  • Astanga yoga.
  • Integral yoga.
  • Kripalu yoga.
  • Kundalini yoga.
  • Iyengar yoga.
  • Sivananda yoga.
  • Power yoga.
  • Vini yoga.
  • Svaroopa yoga.

Yoga is one of the oldest traditional systems of exercise for the conscious development of mind and body. The yoga positions give the body strength and suppleness and bring these apparently opposite properties into harmony with each other. Yoga sharpens the spirit, helps concentration, relieves numerous complaints and leads to emotional balance.


Description of valuable “yoga” styles

Ananda yoga.
This ancient yoga style has been developed by “Kriyananda” swami. It is just a mild style achieves correct breathing and relaxation. Your mind and concentration must be fulfilled and energy will absolutely increase due to this meditation. Muscles would be relaxed and physical strength come to a positive position. Deep breathing is the main thing when you operate this “YOGA”. 

Bikrams yoga.
Founded by “Bikram” swami. Several mirrors must be possessed for this style inside a class room or in a chamber. Temperature must be high as approx: 100 degrees. Our body would be cleansed and mussels come to soften due to the heat. 26 postures need to perform two times within 80-100 minutes. Deep concentration must be needed for this regard.

Astanga yoga.
A system of “Hatha” yoga is called as “Astanga” yoga. Many, many athletic actions are belonging here.  Postures use here known as the primary series after that the second, then other series must be learnt. Correct breathing will give you better feelings.

Integral yoga.
Dr. Dean introduced this one for prevent heart diseases. You must aware about chanting, prayers and self understanding to approach delight refreshment. There is a motto speaks of “peaceful in mind and useful in life”. Classes conduct normally for 75 minutes. Across this style you may approach “Hatha” meditation.

Kripalu yoga.
Indian “YOGA” chief Mr. Amrit found this action. Three stages are present here. On First segment, learn posture and observations via mental emotions. One can develop to awareness of mental controls in yourself. At Second one, one must keep concentration to develop internal awareness. Third one is mentioned as, mediations in motions. Here your emotions would flow directly by our body’s natural intelligence.

Kundalini yoga.
“Kundalini” disembarked to western countries in 1969. It is the high spiritual approach to “Hatha” yoga. Chanting, breathings, and meditations are using to raise the energy.


Iyengar yoga.
This style is the most popular “yoga” method up to now. Students need to follow for 2 or 5 years to complete it. One can learn about physiology according to various postures. Breathing techniques are not so essential for “Iyengar yoga”. It directly effect to reduce foot, hips hearts. Students have to provide belts, pillows, sand bags, and yoga ties during their practice.

 Sivananda yoga.
“Sivananda” swami’s best innovation for spiritual life style. Sun following this style accompanies 12 postures. Breathings are the vital event to design the eventual spirit approach.

Power yoga.
A vigorous yoga with totally full with athletic. It preserves one’s mental limitations. By this period of time, athletes get the advantage of “Power” yoga to create an extra energy.

Vini yoga.
Swami “Krishnamacharya’s proud development demanded for athletic style. This yoga technique had relatived with “VINAYASA KARMA” from Buddhist Sanskrit. Physical stench is very valuable at this method. Great prosper will be added for students body after the exercises. This method emphasizes tolerate conditions through correct breathing, chanting, counseling, and prayer actions.

Svaroopa yoga.
Spiritual high development will be found through the “Hatha”style. Posture techniques should be developed in order to the areas of spine. Good for Inner ailments as well.

NOTE: We arrange the above mentioned tours for individuals, families and groups according to your requests. If you don´t find the tour you are looking for, please Contact Us
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