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Kalutara or Kalutota is a big town in Kalutara District, Western Province, Sri Lanka. It is also the third largest urban area in Western Province after Colombo and Negombo. Kalutara is a scenic resort town. It is also the administrative capital of Kalutara District. It is located approximately 40 km south of the capital Colombo.


Once an important spice-trading center, the town's name is derived from the Kalu Ganga River ('Black River' in native Sinhala). In the 11th Century, the town was temporarily made a capital on the orders of a South Indian Prince. The region was later planted with coconut trees, whose by-products are used for both internal and external trade. The location also boast fortifications dating back from the times when Portuguese, Dutch and British vied for control of the area.

The 38-meter long Kalutara Bridge was built at the mouth of the Kalu Ganga River and serves as a major link between the country's western and southern border. At the southern end of the bridge lies the 3 stories-high Kalutara Vihara, a Buddhist temple built in the 1960s which holds the distinction of being the only stupa in the world that is hollow.

Also a famous historic temple built in 1873 in Kalutara is the Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple situated in Kalutara north.

Kalutara Bodiya

Kalutara Bodiya is one of the famous sacred shrine in Sri Lanka. It is one of the 32 saplings of Anuradhapura Sri Maha Bodiya. There is a hallow "Dageba" with interesting paintings here.

Calido Beach  

resort is located at the estuary of the Kalu Ganga, offers magnificent views of theIndian Ocean sea

Kalutara Calido beach is a popular beach among tourists due to its natural beauty and scenic views. It is a thin strip of preserved land which runs between the Kalu River and the Indian Ocean.

Budddhist Holy sites  

Kaultara Bodhiya is a sacred and devotional Buddha Buddhist site located on Colombo-Galle road. The Gangatilaka Vihara is one of earliest Sri Lankan Buddhist viharas in Sri Lanka. Buddhism is the religion of the town. Local people speak Sinhala. Tamil language is spoken by small number of New residents who recently moved from Colombo to outerskirts. 


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