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Ayubowan ! Welcome to Pearl Of Indian Ocean

Tourist Board Approved

Our well-planed tours will take you to the most fascinating places in the isle of paradise in comfortable vehicles. Our selected hotels will make your stay enjoyable. Our most experienced tour guides will describe all you wish to know about this beautiful country in the language of your choice.

You will find that we put everything we have to make your Holiday in Sri Lanka, India and Maldives holiday tours a unique treasured experience.


Our Inbound & Out Bound Tour Packages

General Information About Sri Lanka
On the scale of a world map, Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon appears to hang like a tiny teardrop over the Indian Ocean. In reality though, this tropical isle is certainly no drop in the ocean. From north to south it has a maximum length of 435 km (270 miles) and at its widest point it measures 225 km (140 miles), giving it a land area of 65,600sq. Km (25,300sq.miles).

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